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Get started with your reverse aging journey by booking our DISCOVERY PACKAGE! This package is the first step in clearing your acne and consists of an anti-aging consultation + treatment with one of our acne experts. From this session we can determine the type of acne you have, what’s causing it, how we can treat, how long it will take to get clear and whether you are a good candidate for our 3-4 month program (10 Years Younger Bootcamp).


Anti-Aging Consultation ($99 value):

  • Full lifestyle audit (medications, diet, habits, skincare, etc.) to determine what is aggravating + causing your acne

  • Determine your acne type + severity & personal acne triggers

  • Determine how to treat your acne through a combination of proper skincare, in clinic treatments & lifestyle adjustments

  • Get a personalized skincare routine specific to your acne and skin type (product costs are additional)

  • Useful, personalized advice on how to treat your specific type of acne as it pertains to your individual habits + lifestyle

  • Information on our 3 - 4 month Acne Bootcamp (this program has a 90% success rate in treating acne)

  • Determine if you are the right candidate for our Acne Bootcamp

  • Information on our Acne Bootcamp

  • Acne Info Packet that summarizes what we discussed in the consultation so you can use it as an ongoing reference.


Introductory Anti-Aging Treatment ($179 value):

  • Cleanse

  • Clinical Acne Peel

  • LED Light Therapy

  • Finishing products: moisturizer, SPF



($278 VALUE)

*$99 consultation is fee is waived if you decide to join our 10 Years Younger Bootcamp




Maricel’s acne triggers were her medication, diet, stress and using incorrect skincare products from the drugstore that were completely wrong for her skin and acne type.


“I couldn’t leave the house without a wearing a full face of makeup. I’ve tried everything from the drugstore but nothing worked! I learned that my lifestyle choices were actually causing me to break out...foods such as dairy, medications, stress and pore clogging ingredients in skincare and makeup products. It turns out that I was actually using the wrong products at home and it was actually making my acne worse!”


We recommended a custom skin care routine with clinical grade products without any pore clogging ingredients that was more suitable for her skin and acne type. Combined with a series of in-clinic treatments every 2 weeks. We also made additional lifestyle changes, such as switching her brand of birth control, as those with the potential for higher androgenic symptoms should be avoided for people prone to acne because they promote breakouts. We also advised her to cut back on dairy as we determined this was an acne trigger for her. We educated her on what pore clogging ingredients are, advised her to use cosmetic without any pore clogging ingredients.



Francisco has the classic case of teenage inflamed acne. Acne can really ravage the skin of teenage boys –the hormonal fluctuations that teenage boys have can give them horrendous cysts and often they end up with lifelong scars because of it. We started off using the strongest antibacterial we had to get his inflammation under control in the quickest manner possible. We wanted to get the inflammation down as soon as possible to avoid the scarring that could happen if it was left unchecked. His acne cleared up in four month’s time and he was left with minimal scarring.


“I have tried Proactiv and antibiotics and none of them seemed to work to clear my skin. My experience with the program was great! My face started to clear fast after I started coming to the clinic. Yes, the results totally met my expectations and ever since my face has started to clear up, I have been getting noticed by everyone. I recommend signing up for the program. It will change your perspective in life.”



Anna had suffered from acne for 10 years. She has tried almost every “acne” skin care product at the drugstore and has even been on prescription acne med prescribed by a Dermatologist TWICE but her acne just came back.


We recommended a 5-Step home skincare regimen that is specific to her skin and acne type and suggested she come in for a series of treatments every 2 weeks for the next 3 -4 months. Home care is extremely important in treating acne or any skin concern.


“Hey Angie! I know you said you’d contact me again in two weeks but thought I’d give you an update as it has been a week since I started using the products you recommended. I am honestly in awe of how much better my skin is already! Everyday is different —my skin was purging for a good four days and then today I woke up and my chin looks 100x better than when I started!!! My pigmentation is almost gone too. I am so so soooo overwhelmed because I did not expect the products to work this well so quickly. I will continue following the instructions you sent. Thank you and know that I am the happiest I have been in a while with my skin. Loving my face again! Lol.”


A lot of people who suffer from acne are using the wrong type of products for their skin, that in some cases makes their acne worse. With the proper home care products, Anna’s inflamed acne lesions has diminished quickly within 2 –3 weeks, which made a huge impact in the appearance of her skin. She immediately felt more confident. All that was left is to treat her non-inflamed acne lesions, and we got her acne under control in just 4 months!


After the Clear Skin Discovery Session, the next step is to sign up for our 3-4 month Acne Bootcamp. The Acne Bootcamp is a clear skin system that has a 90% success rate that will have your acne under control in about three to four months, depending on your type of acne. The system combines the power of clinical-grade products that are customized for your type of acne, with a series of bi-monthly treatments.


The Acne Treatment Consists of:

• Clinical Acne Peel

• Extractions

• High Frequency therapy

• LED therapy


This treatment will be performed every 2 weeks and your acne specialist will re-assess your skin and make the appropriate adjustments in your treatment and home care routine, as your skin progresses.


Home Care (skin care routine) is mandatory in this program, using incorrect products at home will get in the way of you getting clear. Individuals with acne prone skin are often aggravating their acne by using skin care products containing pore clogging ingredients that are unsuitable for their skin and acne type. Incorporating proper skin care into your regimen will help you maintain your results once you are finished your series of treatments. Acne cannot be cured; it can only be managed. You can control your breakouts by using the right skin care routine and staying away from your acne triggers (which we will determine during your Clear Skin Discovery Session). Your acne specialist will put together a skincare routine that is specific to your skin and acne type.



"Acne Bootcamp works! I quickly saw results by staying dedicated to my home care routine and making a few diet changes recommended by my Acne Expert."



"My acne was so bad it hurt to the touch. I tried everything from over the counter products to going to a dermatologist and nothing was working. Acne Bootcamp saved my face and gave me back my confidence."