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Do I have to follow the White Diet?

So you've undergone a power whitening treatment and now your smile is at your desired shade. Congratulations! Wondering what happens next? For the next 1-2 days you'll need to watch what you eat, as your teeth take their time to remineralize.

What is remineralization? Let's start with demineralization. Tooth demineralization is a chemical process where minerals (mainly calcium) are removed from hard tissues like your enamel. This happens when you whiten your teeth, but it's temporary and will remineralize naturally with your salivary flow. The whitening process opens the pores in the enamel to lift stains, leaving your teeth dehydrated for the next 1-2 days. In the meantime, your teeth are prone to re-staining and you must follow the White Diet! This diet is essentially avoiding darkly pigmented foods and drinks and sticking with white or light colored things.



We know what you're thinking... Two days without coffee?! Two days without smoking?! We have a solution for those of you who wish to skip the White Diet — remineralizing gel (aka desensitizing gel)! Applying this gel on your teeth for 15 mins after your whitening session will block the pores temporarily, relieving any sensitivity, preventing re-staining and allowing you to go on about our regular habits. (Hallelujah!)


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