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How important is a great smile? A smile is a powerful thing. It’s the first thing anyone ever notices about you when you first meet them, and you only get one shot to make a good first impression.


So, you enjoy your coffee, tea, cigarettes and red wine but sadly, all that good stuff comes with repercussions; and now your once pearly whites have gone a serious shade of yellow.  


Your options are:

  • A) Fork up some serious cash to get your teeth whitened at the dentist. OR...

  • B) Try a gradual home whitening kit or strip.


Chances are you’ve tried the latter only to be left with some serious sensitivity and results that are barely even noticeable.


We’ve got you covered! Mint Smilebar is revolutionizing the way you whiten your teeth by offering power teeth whitening for at-home and in-office that is a fraction of what the dentist charges!


You can actually see results it would take you seven home (gradual) whitening sessions to achieve, in just one hour. On average, our customers see results which are 4 – 8 shades lighter. As an added bonus, we use a high-quality whitening gel that’s made in North America and FDA & Health Canada registered. Even better, the whitening gel is vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten-free and specially formulated to cause zero to minimal sensitivity, so it’s gentle on your teeth and easy on the eyes.

What is Power Teeth Whitening?

Power whitening is a teeth whitening method where you can expect significant results in a SINGLE whitening session (without the need to whiten for several consecutive days). If you have ever whitened your teeth at home, ONE power whitening session at Mint Smilebar is equal to whitening your teeth for SEVEN days with your home whitening kit (depending on the peroxide content).


What is a Smile Bar?​

A “smile bar” is a European concept that has been around for over a decade. The term originated from France, where they are colloquially labeled “Bars à Sourire” (smile bar). Smile Bars continue to cause a stir, as they disrupt the dental industry by offering an affordable alternative to in-office whitening done by dentist. 


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