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Angel - 7 home whitening sessions = 1 power whitening session at Mint

What's Her Vice: Coffee

Experience: Used gradual home whitening kits before but got sensitivity

Stain Level: Medium staining

Results: 5 shades lighter, NO SENSITIVITY!

We love when bloggers like Angel Zheng visit the smile bar! It's always an honour being included into someones lifestyle, and being able to see their side of the service is a real treat for us. Thanks for your creativity Angel!

Angel came in vlogging with a mission — to get immediate results and to see what these egg chairs were all about. She had used gradual home whitening kits in the past but after weeks of doing so, felt pain and sensitivity on her teeth! We were happy to host a relaxing environment where Angel could whiten her teeth pain-free while catching up an a few Zs at the same time.

Watch Angel's first-time experience with Mint's in-office power whitening:


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