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Laurel - Sensitive Teeth, First Time Teeth Whitener

Updated: May 10, 2018

What's Her Vice: Coffee!

Experience: First time (has only tried whitening toothpaste)

Stain Level: Medium staining

Results: 6 shades lighter, NO SENSITIVITY!

We love when first time teeth whiteners come into our smile bar!

Laurel has never whitened her teeth before, she was hesitant to try due to her sensitive teeth. She opted out of gradual home whiteners (ie: whitening strips, kits, etc.) because you have to whiten several days in a row in order to see full results, and she has trouble staying consistent. She has tried whitening toothpastes, but felt like they didn't work at all!

Laurel came to our smile bar and did a 60 min session. She was very pleased with her results which was 6 shades lighter! She did not feel anything during her session, and did not experience any sensitivity afterwards, despite the fact she has sensitive teeth!

Check out her testimonial below:

Teeth whitening has been on my mind for so long! My love for coffee hasn't really done my teeth any favours..making them appear much less bright than in younger years. I’ve tried whitening toothpaste and felt that it didn't work a lick. I've been too chicken to try the at home trays and gels as my teeth are pretty sensitive...AND I'm so not good at being consistent!  I jumped at the chance to try the 60 minute teeth whitening session at @mintsmilebar which uses products that are vegan, cruelty free, and non-GMO. The results were amazing!  My teeth lightened 6 shades! Also, I didn't experience any sensitivity. At all. YAY!


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