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Bree - Extreme sensitivity from previous whitening experience

Updated: May 21, 2018

Bree visited the smile bar a week ago for a 40 min session. She has had her teeth professionally whitened before and had a negative experience, due to experiencing extreme sensitivity during and after her treatment.

Since she was adverse to getting sensitivity, we suggested a 40 min session. The likelihood of sensitivity is low with a 40 min session. Though sensitivity you get from our gel is zero to minimal, the likelihood slightly increases with a 60 min session.

While most people (on average) jump 4 shades from a 40 min session, Bree lightened 6 shades from S16 to S4.

40 min is recommended if you really don't want to get sensitivity. If you didn't get your desired shade from a single 40 min session, you can always come back for a follow up to get your teeth lighter. Patience is key if you have sensitive teeth or want to avoid sensitivity, as it would require more sessions in shorter duration. You can also try prepping your teeth by brushing your teeth with sensitivity toothpaste for a few days leading up to your session.

In-office whitening and alleviating sensitivity:

Our whitening gel contains a desensitizer, so sensitivity during and post treatment is rare, if you do get sensitivity, it's manageable and will only lasts a few hours. However, there are extra steps you can take to decrease the chances of experiencing sensitivity.

1. Make sure your teeth are healthy before whitening, underlying dental conditions might cause discomfort while whitening (ie: open cavities). White teeth doesn't necessarily mean healthy teeth so make sure you visit your dentist regularly and take great care of your teeth.

2. Brush with sensitivity toothpaste for up to 3-7 days before your session.

3. Stick with a 40 min session. If you don't get your desired level of whiteness with a single 40 min session, you can always come back for a follow up session to get your teeth whiter. Patience is key for those who have heightened tooth sensitivity, which will require more sessions in shorter duration.


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