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Is laser teeth whitening safe?

When it comes to personal cosmetic enhancements, teeth whitening is one of the most common practices we partake in. Whether you think about it or not, most people are inclined to get toothpastes that promise a brighter smile. Along with whitening toothpastes, there are many products out there such as strips or home whitening kits that provide results after a few uses. Laser teeth whitening provides same-day results, making it become increasingly popular in the health & beauty industry.

Nowadays we all want that instant gratification. Who would say no to a brighter smile that can be achieved in one hour VS 2 weeks? It might sound too good to be true, which prompts the question, “Is laser teeth whitening safe?”. Laser teeth whitening is a quick, painless, non-invasive procedure. In short, YES it’s safe! Let’s take a look at why laser teeth whitening with Mint Smilebar is safe for you…

The process:

At Mint Smilebar, our professional teeth whitening technicians are there for you every step of the way. They apply the whitening gel on your teeth, making sure it does not affect the surrounding soft tissue like your gums. You’re given protective eyewear before the LED light is set in front of your teeth. This powerful light triggers a reaction within the gel, allowing it to speed up the stain-lifting process. The LED light only affects the whitening gel and nothing else, making this a gentle, non-invasive procedure. The teeth whitening tech will come around to check on you during your session to make sure you’re comfortable and everything is going alright.

The product:

Mint Smilebar’s whitening gel is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It contains desensitizing agents which help to alleviate any teeth sensitivity. The active ingredient is peroxide which is a non-abrasive substance commonly found in nature, which means it's gentle and safe for your enamel. The best part – it’s FDA/Health Canada approved and manufactured in North America (not sourced overseas!).

The results:

After one session, you’ll see results that are between 2-10 shades lighter. Usually people jump 6 shades lighter within 60 mins. Typically with proper maintenance, your results can last 6-12 months, but this is dependent on your habits (smoking and consumption of staining foods/drinks).

Compared to toothpastes, strips and common gradual whitening kits, Mint’s Power Whitening Kit works just like a professional in-office treatment. You can laser whiten your teeth either in-office at the smile bar or at home! Mint Smilebar specializes in power whitening – significant same-day results with zero to minimal sensitivity, so you’re always in safe hands.


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