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Miracle teeth whitener reviews

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Miracle Teeth Whitener is an all natural, activated charcoal teeth whitening product. You simply dip your toothbrush into the charcoal powder and start brushing your teeth, making your entire mouth pitch black! The process is messy and may stain your sink and toothbrush, but after a week or so of use, it should leave your smile looking brighter than ever. “The more you use it, the whiter your teeth will get.”

Miracle Teeth Whitener reviews are mixed online, with half seeing instant results and the other half not seeing any change and feeling sensitivity on their teeth and gums. Does charcoal teeth whitening actually work? Results you would get from charcoal products might not be significant or last very long as it only gets surface staining. It may appear brighter after use, but that brightness soon dulls after eating/drinking.

Charcoal powder is essentially fine, solid particles and is highly abrasive. It whitens by scratching away at the enamel. It may cause more harm than good because as you know, enamel does not grow back.

Mint Smilebar’s whitening gel is vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and non-GMO. It’s gentle on the enamel and specially formulated to cause zero to minimal sensitivity. If you’re looking for a quick brighten, try a 30 min session using our Home Power Whitening Kit, or use up to 60 mins for a smile makeover. The kit comes with 2 whitening pens which are good for 2-3 applications. When you run out, more whitening pens are available to order online. In the unlikely event that you did not achieve minimum 2 shades lighter, you can return for a full refund.


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