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How often can you whiten your teeth?

So you got your teeth whitened at Mint Smilebar, or you just finished using our Power Whitening Kit and now you’ve gotten a case of pearly white fever! As you might’ve guessed, your results don’t last forever. Typically with proper maintenance, results last up to 6-12 months. How long your results last depend on the amount of stain-causing foods/drinks you consume, your smoking habits and how porous your teeth are. Teeth that are naturally more porous absorb stains much easier, thus shade regression may occur much quicker. The porosity of your teeth is genetic.

You must be wondering, “How often can you whiten your teeth?”. This is dependent on the way you are whitening your teeth. There are two ways to whiten:

Power Whitening (When you need to whiten fast!)

  • 60 min session: 6-8 shades lighter on average

  • 40 min session: 4-5 shades lighter on average

Gradual Whitening (For sensitive teeth and maintenance)

  • 30 min session (recommended 30 mins/day, 1-5 days in a row)

We recommend no more than three power whitening sessions a year. You can gradually whiten more frequently as long as you do not exceed 14 consecutive days of whitening. Mint Smilebar’s whitening gel is enamel safe, made with clean ingredients and specially formulated to cause zero sensitivity. However, if you do experience sensitivity from whitening, it’s best to take a break and wait at least a month before your next session.


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