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Home Whitening Tips: Gel Application

Whitening your teeth on your own can be tricky and sometimes messy. Not to worry! Mint Smilebar has a few tips to make using your Power Whitening Kit a breeze. Read the following to become a pro at achieving your smile goals!

1. Wait 30 mins after brushing

You'll get better results if you brush your teeth. (Even better if you get a cleaning at the dentist!) Plan to whiten at least 30 mins after brushing. It's important to wait, otherwise you may experience sensitivity.

2. Dry your teeth

It's very important to dry your teeth before applying the whitening gel. If you apply the gel with wet teeth, you're going to face a lot of difficulty! The whitening gel will stick better on a dry surface.

3. How to apply gel without a retractor

Work on one row of teeth at a time. First, retract the upper lip only and apply the gel to the upper teeth. (Only the teeth that are visible when you smile.) While keeping your upper lip retracted, retract your bottom lip and apply the gel to the bottom teeth. Keep your head tilted upwards to avoid saliva build up!

4. Use a cheek retractor

If you find it difficult to stretch your mouth and keep your lips retracted, you might find it easier to use our beloved cheek retractor. Insert the retractor in your mouth to keep your lips out of the way while you apply the whitening gel.

Once you're done applying the gel, put the LED mouth tray in place in front of your teeth, then take the cheek retractor out. This ensures that your lips don't make contact with the whitening gel.

5. Avoid getting gel on your gums and lips

Check your lips and gums periodically to make sure no gel has inadvertently touched it. If gel comes in contact just give it a wipe.

6. Stay reclined to curb saliva build up

Saliva build up may occur while whitening. To avoid making a mess, stay in a reclined position during your session and have tissues close by. Feel free to swallow your saliva as well.

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