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Power Whitening Kit Review

What's better than achieving your smile goals within a SINGLE session? — Getting that glow up and having ZERO sensitivity!

Mint's power whitening method provides same day results so you can spend more time smiling and doing the things you love. One session using Mint's Power Whitening Kit is equivalent to using a regular gradual whitening kit/strip for seven days! And the best part — our whitening gel contains a desensitizing agent so you feel zero to minimal sensitivity.

Mommy blogger, Janene Crossley and orthodontist husband, Aaron Crossley give Mint Smilebar's Power Whitening Kit a spin! The two aren't coffee drinkers, but LOVE their soda. While their children get vitamins from their favorite drinks, they get stains from theirs!

Aaron had tried other home whiteners in the past and even professional whitening at the dentist, and he always got teeth sensitivity. Both Janene and Aaron were happy to report feeling ZERO sensitivity using Mint's Power Whitening Kit! See below for their review.




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