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The Road To Pearly Whites

A young lady came to Mint Smilebar after having her braces off for a few months. Two years of braces = two years of staining! After her first session she was happy to see her iced coffee stains had lifted. Seeing potential in her shade, we recommended she come in for a follow up session after a month. She jumped a total of NINE shades since the beginning of her journey!

For the most part, our customers are quite happy with the results they get from one session. As a general rule of thumb, on average:

60 MIN SESSION - Could possibly lighten 6 shades

40 MIN SESSION - Could possibly lighten 4 shades

BUT everyone's teeth whitens differently and there's a threshold for how white your teeth can go in one session. Teeth may not whiten to the desired shade in one appointment and require frequent visits to work your way up to a desired shade.

Here are the client's results after two 60 min sessions:

Results After Two Sessions
Client jumped six shades after her first session, and three shades after her follow up.



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