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Why Do I Get Sensitivity From Teeth Whitening?

Most people, like Cityline's beauty expert Tracy Peart, are hesitant to try teeth whitening for the first time because they're aware of the teeth sensitivity that can come with it. With that in mind, the thought of having to whiten for several days in a row using gradual kits/strips seems almost impossible!


The most common reason we experience tooth sensitivity is because the layer under enamel called "dentin" is exposed.

The tunnel structure of dentin acts as a two-way pathway to the nerves that supply the tooth. These nerves respond when chemicals, heat, pressure, or cool temperatures are applied on dentin.

Dentin can be exposed from recession, hard tooth-brushing, grinding/clenching, or from a tooth fracture. Dentin can also be exposed from frequent eating of acidic foods and decay.

When it comes to teeth whitening, the peroxide in the whitening gel opens up the pores to gently lift stains. During this process, teeth becomes slightly dehydrated. This dehydration temporarily reduces insulation and allow the nerve to be more susceptible to changes in temperature (with the pores in your enamel open, your dentin is temporarily exposed).

Mint Smilebar's gel contains a desensitizing agent which counteracts such issues by temporarily blocking pores and allowing your teeth the opportunity to re-hydrate. This completely gets rid of sensitivity for some, but there are some people who experiences some minor sensitivity (but very manageable). Sensitivity from whitening is transient, and typically only lasts within 24 hours.

Most customers experience zero to minimal sensitivity with our power whitening method. You can try power whitening at home using Mint's Power Whitening Kit! If you're local to Vancouver, we provide in-office whitening at our downtown Vancouver location.

Read below for Tracy's review:

I whitened my teeth for the first time and I LOVED IT!!!! I always wanted to try whitening my teeth, but I was nervous about the teeth sensitivity side effects, or doing a series of sessions in the dentist’s chair. * Well I found the solution. This is the @MintSmileBarOnline Home Power Whitening Kit! You can get a white smile, without leaving your house. It performs like a professional in-office whitening treatment, and it only takes 30-60mins! You actually see results it would take 7 home whitening sessions to achieve in just ONE session!!! The best part is it’s ZERO to NO sensitivity (and in my case there was NO sensitivity🎉) * I love my results and can’t stop smiling!😁



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